Friday, September 26, 2008

So this thing isn't as easy to keep up as I thought it would be. All we have to talk about is Sydney Midge. She is just learning how to walk and getting excited about it. I think that we have counted at least 7 or 8 steps at one time. No teeth yet though. She is also learning to say a whole bunch of different words. Our favorite one lately has been "doggy" she calls every animal a doggy including the fish screen saver that we have for the computer. She is pretty crazy.

We also just went to the doctor and were able to hear a little heart beat in the tummy. Both the nurse and the doctor had a hard time finding it. But at the end we heard it loud and clear. We are super excited. Every little thing gets us excited.
Here is a picture from Sydney's birthday party. She was a little hestitant on getting dirty. She know her mom doesn't like her dirty.
Anyway hope it doesn't take a month to blog again.

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